About Me

I’m honestly nothing special. A fifty year old husband and father of a blended family of six children. I always have a hard time writing things like bio’s and about me sections for web articles or websites or even if I will be appearing at an event.

I mentioned I was a father. One of my children, Justin, will forever be 19 years old as that is when he succumbed to late stage testicular cancer. That event shaped me in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. From intense grief and pain in the beginning to finding a way to make it through each day, which is a forever process when losing a child, all the way to where I am now.

Where is that? It is at a place in my life that not only do I think I can share my story and that of my son to make an impact but also where I think i can give insight on how to just live a better life, one VERY small step at a time. My book, currently still being written will focus on the little things you can do to Be Better Today.  It can mean getting the courage to get up out of bed shortly after a tragedy or bout of depression or it could be just finding a way to be a better person to your neighbor or co-worker. It could even be just feeling better about yourself on a daily basis. The mantra amounts to laying down at night a better person that the one that woke up. Even if its only by .00001%

I look forward to sharing my story with all of you, and hopefully seeing you and talking to you along the way.

If you want an authentic and open keynote speaker, Read my inspirational story link below and reach out! I can be contacted about speaking regarding overcoming grief and how to move forward and conquer your fears through faith and belief in yourself and your sometimes hidden abilities. I can speak at churches, events, seminars, small groups, schools, and more.

My Story – Fear is just a word

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